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Weld Washers
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Not recommended on dump truck or dump trailer liners.

Weld Washers are used in applications where you cannot put a hole through the material you are attaching the plastic to. Applications that use weld washers to hold plastic in place are: off road trucks, hoppers, bins, under conveyors or chutes. The major downside to weld washers is it is a permanent way to attach the plastic, as compared to bolts.


Zinc Plated Steel Weld Washer

We stock tens of thousands of zinc plated steel weld washers and offer same day shipping.

OD: 1-3/8"
ID: 3/8"
Height: 1/4"

Steel Weld Washer
Counter Bore Tool
A counter bore tool prepares the plastic to accept the weld washer.

UHMW Plugs are used to cover up the weld washer and "fill" the hole the counter bore tool created. We sell non-tapered plugs which means our plugs go in harder than tapered plugs but they will not fall out like tapered plugs often do.

We stock plugs for the following thicknesses of plastic: 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4", and 1" or we make plugs to meet your requirements.

UHMW Plugs



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